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Oxidation resistance and thermal stability of the SiC-ZrB2 composite ceramic fibers

  • Zhang, Hao
  • Ge, Min
  • Zhang, Huifeng
  • Kong, Weijia
  • Yu, Shouquan
  • Zhang, Weigang
Publication Date
Dec 02, 2020
Institutional Repository of Institute of Process Engineering, CAS (IPE-IR)
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In this study, continuous SiC-ZrB2 composite ceramic fibers were synthesized from a novel pre-ceramic polymer of polyzirconocenecarbosilane (PZCS) via melt spinning, electron beam cross-linking, pyrolysis, and finally sintering at 1800 degrees C under argon. The ZrB2 particles with an average grain size of 30.7 nm were found to be uniformly dispersed in the SiC with a mean size of 59.7 nm, as calculated using the Scherrer equation. The polycrystalline fibers exhibit dense morphologies without any obvious holes or cracks. The tensile strength of the fibers was greater than 2.0 GPa, and their elastic modulus was similar to 380 GPa. After oxidation at 1200 degrees C for 1 hour, the strength of the fibers did not decrease despite a small loss of elastic modulus. Compared to the advanced commercial SiC fibers of Tyranno SA, the fibers exhibited improved high-temperature creep resistance in the temperature range 1300-1500 degrees C.

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