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Organizational Change and Sustainability Reporting : How is the change perceived within a company, throughout all levels, after sustainability reporting has been set in place, and which effects does this have on the company's culture?

  • Lundgren, Hanna
  • Markinger, Rebecka
  • Dahlström, Malin
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2022
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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Background: The arctic ice is melting, and the world is faced with the most significant societal challenge so far, climate change. Companies worldwide have a significant impact on carbon emissions, and therefore, sustainability reporting is an essential tool to increase transparency. Sustainability reporting has an increasing role in the societal context since requested by stakeholders; stakeholders are also more engaged in companies conducting sustainability reports.   Purpose: This thesis aims to explore a case company and the connection between conducting a sustainability report and the potential change in organizational culture that follows. Therefore, the research aims to answer the question of how the change is perceived within the company.  Method: The thesis was conducted in a qualitative approach with an interpretivism paradigm. A single case study was used to gain deep insight and knowledge from a company that had just started its sustainability reporting journey. The research context was based in Sweden. The findings were collected through semi-structured interviews; employees on all company levels were interviewed to get results that represent the whole company.   Conclusion: The findings showed that changes were occurring within the organizational culture when the organization started its sustainability reporting. The main changes were increased stakeholder engagement and increased internal communication. The organization has experienced much growth lately. However, sustainability reporting cannot be singled out to be the only driver for the major changes occurring in the company.  

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