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(O)rättvist, (o)tydligt och (o)jämlikt : En intervjustudie om lärares förhållningssätt till förstelärarreformen 10 år efter dess införande / (Un)equitable, (un)clear, (un)equal : An interview study on teachers' attitudes to the first teacher reform 10 years after its introduction

  • Cevallos Morales, Fernando
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2023
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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In this study, a number of teachers' attitudes towards first teachers are examined, a special role that is appointed by the head of school in which the purpose is to develop school operations. Five teachers were interviewed in this study with the goal of sharing their experiences and what challenges and merits they believe the first teacher position provides, ten years after this reform was implemented in Swedish schools. The theoretical prerequisites are based on the teachers' own experiences. The study uses the theoretical starting points of school development and collegial learning, both of which contribute to competence development and help teachers develop teaching by collaborating in a structured way. The results indicate that there is a strong connection between the interviewed teachers experiences and the challenges they face. In the study, justice, equality and clarity emerged as different themes. One of the main points was unequal pay, where the teachers in the study highlighted an aspect of justice that was particularly important. Furthermore, it also emerged that the teachers wanted more clarity and a greater insight into the work that first teachers carry out. This could lead to greater commitment and sense of meaning among the teachers towards the first teachers' work. The interviewed teachers describe that clarity is important for the first teacher's work to produce results. Based on their stories, the work of the first teachers clearly shows successful results. The teachers also discuss the status of the profession, which they believe has improved marginally. They believe that general increases in pay as a contributing factor to the status of the teaching profession have produced this effect. The study shows that the first teachers work has generally contributed to improved results. At the same time, ten years after the introduction of the first teacher service, there is still widespread dissatisfaction with this career choice.

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