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Optimal Design of Spring Structure on Slide Mechanism of Mobile Using Genetic Algorithms

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[[abstract]]Slider-type mobile phone system is often used on the market nowadays, its slide from the slide by the driving force of the installed spring, if the strength of the Spring design is too much, resulting in greater impact caused by moving slider vibration and to generate phone line connection is bad easily; moreover, when the location of installed spring is not suitable, it will lead to slide sliding lateral force, therefore, it will generate bad sliding way in a long run. This research aimed spring slider phone design, strength and selecting the different installation location as a parameter to identify the relationship, it focus on the force slide to slide sliding does not produce lateral force, and smooth sliding.This research uses the genetic algorithms for different size of slider design, in order to find the best design parameter values, this research will be developed as an interactive software and it can provide thedesigner to use with ease.

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