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Optical Spectroscopy of Tungsten Carbide for Uncertainty Analysis in Electron Electric Dipole Moment Search

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DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.87.022516
arXiv ID: 1212.5744
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We perform laser induced fluorescence(LIF) spectroscopy on a pulsed supersonic beam of tungsten carbide(WC) molecules, which has been proposed as a candidate molecular system for a permanent Electric Dipole Moment(EDM) search of the electron in its rovibrational ground state of the X3Delta1 state. In particular, [20.6]Omega=2, v'=4 <- X3Delta1,v"=0 transition at 485nm was used for the detection. The hyperfine structure and the Omega-doublet of the transition are measured, which are essential for estimating the size of the potential systematic uncertainties for electron EDM measurement. For further suppression of the systematic uncertainty, an alternative electron EDM measurement scheme utilizing the g factor crossing point of the Omega-doublet levels is discussed. On the other hand, flux and internal temperature of the molecular beam are characterized, which sets the limit on the statistical uncertainty of the electron EDM experiment. With the given results, the prospect of electron EDM experiment with the X3Delta1 state of WC molecule is discussed.

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