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Optical Polarization Sensitive Ultra-Fast Switching and Photo-Electrical Device

  • belhassen, jérémy
  • zalevsky, zeev
  • karsenty, avi
Publication Date
Dec 07, 2019
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Ultra-fast electrical switches activated with an optical-polarized light trigger, also called photo-polarized activated electrical switches, are presented. A set of new transistor circuits is switched by light from above, illuminating deep V-grooves, whose angle is sensitive to the polarization of the incident. Thus, this application may serve for encryption/decryption devices since the strongest electrical responsivity is only obtained for very specific spatial polarization directions of the illumination beam. When this V-groove is sufficiently narrow, the device mainly responds to one polarization and not to the other. In such a way, electrons are generated only for one specific polarization. While the nature of the data remains electronic, the modulation control is optic, creating a photo-induced current depending on the polarization direction. This coupled device acts as a polarization modulator as well as an intensity modulator. The article focuses on the integration of several devices in different configurations of circuitry: dual, triple, and multi-element. Case studies of several adjacent devices are presented with varying critical variables, such as the V-groove aperture dimensions. Analytical models and complementary numerical analyses are presented for the future smooth integration into Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) technology.

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