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Optical and electrical characterizations of ZnSe self-organized quantum dots grown by molecular beam epitaxy

  • lw, lu
  • wang, zg
  • yang, cl
  • wang, j
  • zh, ma
  • sou, ik
  • wk, ge
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2002
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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Optical and electrical properties of ZnSe self-organized quantum dots were investigated using photoluminescence, capacitance-voltage, and deep level transient Fourier spectroscopy techniques. The temperature dependence of photoluminescence was employed to clarify the mechanism of photoluminescence thermal quenching processes in ZnSe quantum dots. A theoretic fit on considering a two-step quenching processes well explained the experimental data. The apparent carrier concentration profile obtained from capacitance-voltage measurements exhibits an accumulation peak at the depth of about 100nm below the sample surface, which is in good agreement with the location of the quantum dot layer. The electronic ground state of ZnSe quantum dots is determined to be about 0.11 eV below the conduction band of ZnS, which is similar to that obtained by simulating the thermal quenching of ZnSe photoluminescence.

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