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[The opportunity to use combined stem cells transplantation for haemopoesis activation in the old and mature laboratory animals under the conditions of ionizing radiation].

  • Grebnev, D U
Published Article
Patologicheskaia fiziologiia i èksperimental'naia terapiia
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2014
PMID: 25536791


The objective of this work was to study the influence of combined transplantation of stem cells (multypotent mesenchimal stromal and hem poetic stem cells) on the haemopoesis of old and mature laboratory animals under the condition of ionizing radiation. The experiments were conducted on 48 white male mice with the body weight of 30 g, age of 3-4 months, and 48 male mice of 3 years of age and body mass of 50 g. The experiments for obtaining the MMSC and HSC cultures were conducted on 16 laboratory animals: female mice of 3-4 months of age and body mass of 30 g., 18 days gestation period. The control group was formed by the animals not under the ionizing radiation. The experimental group animals got the dose of 4 Gr. These animals also got MMSC and HSC mixture intravenously in the doses of 6 mln. c/kg. and 330 thousand cell/kg prospectively. The control group animals got the 0.9% NaCl - 0.2 ml. intravenously. The infusions were made 1 hour after radiation once. As the result of the experiment it was shown that under physiological conditions combined transplantation brings the erithropoesis activation, under the ionizing radiation conditions it brings the erythroid and granulocytopoesis activation. More over the combined MMSC and HSC transplantation gives cytoprotective action on the myeloid tissue due to decrease of cyto genically changed cells in the mature animals under the condition of ionizing radiation, but in the old animals this effect can be seen even under physiological condition. Conclusions: Combined transplantation of MMSC and GSC can be used in the mature and old laboratory animals under the conditions of ionising radiation for the haemopoesis activation.

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