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Open-Framework Metal Oxides for Fast and Reversible Hydrated Zinc-Ion Intercalation

  • Yang, Hailun
  • Ning, Pengge
  • Chen, Junwu
  • Li, Yuping
  • He, Hongyan
  • Cao, Hongbin
Publication Date
Mar 02, 2022
Institutional Repository of Institute of Process Engineering, CAS (IPE-IR)
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The development of high capacity and stable cathodes is the key to the successful commercialization of aqueous zinc-ion batteries. However, significant solvation penalties limit the choice of available positive electrodes. Herein, hydrated intercalation is proposed to promote reversible (de)intercalation within host materials by rationally designing a matching electrode. In contrast to previously reported works, the as-prepared electrode ([email protected]) can achieve fast and reversible intercalation of hydrated zinc ions in the interlayer gap, leading to a high capacity of 517 mAh g(-1) at 0.1 A g(-1) and excellent electrode stability for long-term cycling. Besides, as a consequence of the flexibility of the [email protected] electrode, a quasi-solid-state battery was achieved with equally advantageous electrochemical behavior under various bending states. The proposed hydrated cation direct insertion/extraction sets up an efficient way of developing high-performance positive electrodes for aqueous batteries.

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