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Online math education (MUMIE) for numerical analysis and linear algebra:

  • Vuik, K.
  • Daalderop, F.
  • Wilders, P.
  • Daudt, J.
  • Van Kints, R.
  • Koolstra, K.
  • Van den Oever, J.
  • Lobbezoo, B.
Publication Date
Dec 31, 2013
TU Delft Repository
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This report gives an overview of the work done on MUMIE [2] at TU Delft for the academic year 2012 - 2013. Reports from previous years can be found on our relevant support website [3]. In October 2012 there was a kick-off meeting at TU Berlin regarding the S3M2 project [1]. During this meeting, every participant was assigned to develop material for a specific MUMIE course. For TU Delft this was the Numerical Analysis course. These materials will be used in a future bridging course between bachelor and master. This will be very beneficial for students from other bachelor programs, other Dutch universities or incoming international students. The material can also be used in the regular Numerical Analysis course. Details on this development can be found in Section 2. Besides the development of a course for the S3M2 project, the Linear Algebra course in MUMIE was also used at Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science. More details on these courses can be found in Section 3 and 4. In this report the following abbreviations are used: LA - Linear Algebra NA - Numerical Analysis AE - Aerospace Engineering CS - Computer Science CE - Civil Engineering

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