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One-pot spray engineering to design Na0.44MnO2 cathode electrodes for high-rate and cycle-stable Na-Ion batteries

  • Koo, B-R
  • Lee, Y-G
  • Lee, SH
  • An, G-H
  • Huang, C
Publication Date
Oct 10, 2022
Spiral - Imperial College Digital Repository
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To improve the practical performance of Na-ion batteries, electrode structure engineering provides a new route to improve the electrochemical efficiency of the cathode active material. In this study, we suggest a new route of one-pot spray engineering to design Na0.44MnO2 cathodes to realize high-rate and cycle-stable Na-ion battery performance. This technique adjusts the electrode structure from a dense to an open sponge-like morphology during layer-by-layer deposition of the materials. The sponge-like cathode results in improved ion insertion and transport kinetics, thus accelerating the rate capability with increased capacity and high-rate cycling capability (100.1 mAh/g and 90.2% cycling retention after 100 cycles at 5 C). These results highlight the potential for design engineering of cathode structures to achieve high-rate and cycle-stable performance for Na-ion batteries.

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