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Om superpedagoger och vanliga lärare : en analys av hur media konstruerar läraryrket

  • Johansson, Jessica
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Jan 01, 2011
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School and education are topics that are frequent in Swedish media. The intention of this essay has therefore been to investigate the image of teachers and their profession in Swedish daily press. The overall aim has been to analyze how teachers are portrayed in the debate that followed the TV-show Klass 9A, and by that find how the debate defines the concept of a good teacher. The representation that was found was then compared to earlier studies. The series was shown on Swedish television between January and March 2011.26 articles were chosen and the ambition was to have various perspectives represented, such as different voices and also papers from different areas of the country. To define categories in the debate and to find patterns in how the writers discuss the tv-programme, the teachers and the Swedish school system, the method qualitative analysis of content was chosen. As a theoretical framework the dissertation Kunskapens fanbärare has been useful to see if there have been any changes in the constructions of good teachers in the discourse since the 1990's.The investigation shows that the Swedish school still is presented as a school in a deep crisis, and to change this, three factors needs to improve: the teachers need to be more engaging, the teachers education needs to be of higher quality, and the conditions for working teachers has to improve. The conclusions also maintain that there has been a displacement of how the concept of the good teacher is described in daily press, from a more subject orientated teacher, almost an expert, to a more pedagogical teacher who is interested in creating good relations with the students. The most frequent terms that are used in the empirical material to describe the good teacher are foremost enthusiasm and inspiration..

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