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Observation of superconductivity at 30 K~46 K in AxFe2Se2 (A = Li, Na, Ba, Sr, Ca, Yb, and Eu)

  • Ying, T. P.
  • Chen, X. L.
  • Wang, G.
  • Jin, S. F.
  • Zhou, T. T.
  • Lai, X. F.
  • Zhang, H.
  • Wang, W. Y.
Published Article
Publication Date
May 29, 2012
Submission Date
Feb 20, 2012
DOI: 10.1038/srep00426
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New iron selenide superconductors by intercalating smaller-sized alkali metals (Li, Na) and alkaline earths using high-temperature routes have been pursued ever since the discovery of superconductivity at about 30 K in KFe2Se2, but all have failed so far. Here we demonstrate that a series of superconductors with enhanced Tc=30~46 K can be obtained by intercalating metals, Li, Na, Ba, Sr, Ca, Yb, and Eu in between FeSe layers by the ammonothermal method at room temperature. Analysis on their powder X-ray diffraction patterns reveals that all the main phases can be indexed based on body-centered tetragonal lattices with a~3.755-3.831 {\AA} while c~15.99-20.54 {\AA}. Resistivities show the corresponding sharp transitions at 45 K and 39 K for NaFe2Se2 and Ba0.8Fe2Se2, respectively, confirming their bulk superconductivity. These findings provide a new starting point for studying the properties of these superconductors and an effective synthetic route for the exploration of new superconductors as well.

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