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O cuidado como potência : entre o público e o privado e as lideranças de mulheres nas Comunidades Remanescentes de Quilombo Aldeia e Toca de Santa Cruz

  • Reis, Nathália Dothling
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Sep 15, 2018
Repositório Institucional da UFSC
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Abstract : This work aims to answer the question that led me to accomplish the research: why so many women leaders in quilombola communities at Santa Catarina and Brazil? Realizing that women can not be seen singularly and that gender?s constructions change in different sociabilities, I ask myself what really means the fact of these women are in the leadership and if it would be a rupture of these women with male domination and with the determination that their places are those related with the domestic spaces or we would face a world?s construction that conceive public and private in a diferente way. The literature about quilombola women point to big occurrence of women leaders in quilombola communities in different brazilian regions and also at Santa Catarina, south of Brazil. Despite the large contributions they bring to the theme and the importance they have to show another women?s experiences, they yet naturalize the dichotomy public/private, the relation between sex and gender and the male domination. Through fieldwork at Aldeia of Imbituba/SC and Toca de Santa Cruz in Paulo Lopes/SC, from established relations with women from this places and their biographical narratives, this work seeks to understand the leadership of women at quilombola communities in their terms, not assuming western dichotomies, found in hegemonic feminism, such as female/male or public/private.

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