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Nyhetslöp och nyhetsvärdering i en semidigital medievärld : En kvantitativ jämförande innehållsanalys av Dagens Nyheters tidningsframsidor och Instagram-nyheter

  • Borngrund, Alexa
  • Nyängen, Linnéa
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2023
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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Digitalization has made it possible to consume news through both newspapers and social media, but we rarely consider if both platforms share the same news selection. This bachelor study aims to compare which agenda Dagens Nyheter conveys through the choices in the displayed news on the front page of the newspaper and the Instagram feed. The theoretical framework is based on gatekeeping theory, agenda-setting theory and news value theory. Using the quantitative content analysis 486 news articles were coded and analyzed whereof 182 were articles from the news front page and 304 were from the Instagram feed. The results show that hard and soft news are equally represented in the two news outlets. On the other hand, the results also indicate that there are differences regarding the centralization of certain topics, the nature of the news and the main actors. From these results, we conclude that different agendas are conveyed through the news reported between the two mediums.

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