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Key Management in Ad Hoc Networks / Nyckelhantering i Ad Hoc Nät

  • Fokine, Klas
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Jan 01, 2002
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This thesis covers the issue of securing ad hoc networks. Such networks exhibit a number of characteristics that make such a task challenging. One of the major challenges is that ad hoc networks typically lack a fixed infrastructure both in form of physical infrastructure such as routers, servers and stable communication links and in the form of an organizational or administrative infrastructure. Another difficulty lies in the highly dynamic nature of ad hoc networks since new nodes can join and leave the network at any time. The major problem in providing security services in such infrastructure less networks is how to manage the cryptographic keys that are needed. In order to design practical and efficient key management systems it is necessary to understand the characteristics of ad hoc networks and why traditional key management systems cannot be used. These issues are covered and the thesis also provides a summary of those key management solutions that have been proposed in the research literature so far.

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