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Nutrient cycle in an integrated recirculating aquaculture system

  • Le Van, Khoi
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2012
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Integrated culture of blue mussel and western king prawn could improve the water quality in the IRAS though effectively removing of the total bacteria (TB), total suspended solids (TSS) and total nitrogen (TN) in the cultured media. However, concentrations of NO2-, NO3- and PO43- were increased due to the mussel excretion. Growth and survival of western king prawn were not affected by adding blue mussels into western king prawn culture in IRAS at stocking rate of 250 mussel m-2 and 16.07 prawn m-2. When stocking rates exceed density of 312.5 mussel m-2 and =21.36 prawn m-2, growth and survival of both western king prawn and blue mussel in the IRAS were declined significantly due to the low water quality and crowded effects in the culture media. Inclusion of blue mussels into western king prawn culture was enhanced the feed utilization efficiency further up to 10.63 % N and 4.89 % P and reduced the nutrient discharged through draining at harvest. N and P contents accumulated in mussel tanks increased linearly with the increasing mussel stocking densities in the IRAS. The results indicate that the use of integrated aquaculture system is a step forward to achieve sustainability in aquaculture.

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