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Nugme to epry há, Kanhkã to epry kórég: caminhos kanhgág entre bem e mal

  • Cimbaluk, Lucas
Publication Date
Nov 15, 2018
Repositório Institucional da UFSC
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Abstract : This work is a route between kanhgág ways. They are good and bad, há and kórég, ways. Ways of life and in the cosmos. From different perspectives of several actors, the work pursuit to take its own routes between the possible agencies in this world and in this life, seeing where they can take us. This path follows the activities of healers, of kujá and of their patients in search of cure, of improvement of fortune, of their life conditions and social relations on Earth. In search of protection and alliances that ensure those conditions in this life, but also that can assure certain destinies after death. Among those who do the good and those accused of doing the bad, I approach the different associations with beings of the cosmos, from the perspectives of the indigenous and non-indigenous specialists, with cristian, spiritist and afro-Brazilian influences. Through these paths, this work discusses the variability and operativity of kanhgág cosmological dualism and ways of duality, with the proposition of movements of continuous inversions, on always changing points. It debates the relation between politics and cosmology, based on the agency of those specialists. And it proposes the importance of the moral in the domains of the affects as a manner to make evident in the way of whom one is and to ensure the post-mortem or in the celestial and divine destinies, in the Kanhkã and the V?nh Kuprig Jamã, or the infernal destiny, in the Nugme, the Satan s place.

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