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Nucleotide sequence and phylogenetic analysis of long terminal repeats of human endogenous retrovirus K family(HERV-K) on human chromosomes

  • kim, heui soo
  • choi, joo young
  • lee, won
  • jang, kyung lib
  • hyun, byung hwa
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2000
KRIBB Repository
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It has been suggested that human endogenous retroviruses K family (HERV-K) has a role in disease, and solitary long terminal repeats (LTRs) of HERV-K have been potentially capable of affecting the expression of closely located genes. Using the human monochromosomes 8, 9, 17, and 18, with specific PCR primers, we identified thirty-four sequences of new HERV-K LTRs. Those LTR elements were analyzed phylogenetically with the human-specific HERV-K LTRs using neighbor-joining and maximum parsimony methods. Clones HKL8-5, HKL9-5, and HKL9-8 are related by more than 99% homology with the human-specific HERV-K LTRs. The HKL9-5 clone on chromosome 9 was 100% identical with the sequences of human-specific LTR, AC002400, on chromosome 16. The findings suggest that there has been recent proliferation, transposition, or chromosomal translocation of HERV-K LTR elements on human chromosomes. / open

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