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Novel Integration of Conductive-ink Circuitry with a Paper-based Microfluidic Battery as an All-printed Sensing Platform

  • Kripalani, Rishi A.
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Dec 01, 2016
[email protected]
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The addition of powered components for active assays into paper-based analytical devices opens new opportunities for medical and environmental analysis in resource-limited applications. Current battery designs within such devices have yet to adopt a ubiquitous circuitry material, necessitating investigation into printed circuitry for scalable platforms. In this study, a microfluidic battery was mated with silver-nanoparticle conductive ink to prototype an all-printed sensing platform. A multi-layer, two-cell device was fabricated, generating 200 μA of direct electrical current at 2.5 V sustained for 16 minutes with a power loss of less than 0.1% through the printed circuitry. Printed circuitry traces exhibited resistivity of 75 to 211 10-5 Ω m. Resistance of the printed traces increased upwards of 200% depending on fold angle and directionality. X-ray diffraction confirmed the presence of face-centered cubic silver after sintering printed traces for 30 minutes at 150°C in air. A conductivity threshold was mapped and an ink concentration of 0.636 μL mm-3 was identified as the lower limit for optimal electrical performance.

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