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The Nordic Odyssey : Homer’s Epic Poetry and the Norse Sagas: A comparative analysis supported by digital text analysis

  • Herskind, Martin
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Jan 01, 2022
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This thesis compares Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad with the Norse Sagas, the Young and Elder Edda. More specifically, it analyses, whether the Odyssey and Iliad should indeed derive from the Norse Sagas, which is a claim brought forth by Felice Vinci. Throughout the thesis, passages, sentences and words from both the Greek and Norse texts have been singled out through the process of text analysis tools from Python and Orange3. Similar passages or words from both texts were filtered out by building a program that would print sentences with given key words. These were then analysed and studied, in order to compare the texts to each other and for the most part, to see if the Greek texts should indeed have derived from the Nordic texts. Finally, no proof has been found that the Norse Sagas should have predated the Greek Myths. However, this was a very interesting theory, that I am glad to have examined.

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