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Non-uniform effect on the thermal/aging performance of Lithium-ion pouch battery

  • Song, Wenji
  • Chen, Mingbiao
  • Bai, Fanfei
  • Lin, Shili
  • Chen, Yongzhen
  • Feng, Ziping
Publication Date
Jan 05, 2018
GuangZhou Institute of Energy Conversion
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Non-uniform distribution of current density and temperature is inevitable especially in high C-rate and it can lead to bad performance of battery. Therefore, the non-uniform effect (non-uniform temperature, current density and aging) on the pouch battery performance is studied with experiment and simulation. A new method, which measures the direct current resistance (DCR) based on the discharge curve, is proposed to get more detail of resistance variation. The measurement shows that the resistance of Lithium ion pouch battery with non-uniform temperature is similar to that of average temperature. Then, effect of non-uniform aging is simulated based on the electro-thermal coupled model. It is found that battery suffering non-uniform aging has smaller discharging capacity relatively. The main cause for the discharge capacity reduction between the uniform and non-uniform aging battery is the big difference of local stoichiometry of cathode electrode theta(LiFePO4). The capacity reduction in 1 C rate occupies about 6% of the permissible capacity loss. Finally, tabs of battery are changed in order to acquire uniform temperature distribution. Battery whose tabs are put on the middle of the top side and the bottom side has a better performance in the opinion of thermal analysis. (C) 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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