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Nonlinear Accelerator Lattices with One and Two Analytic Invariants

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DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevSTAB.13.084002
arXiv ID: 1003.0644
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Integrable systems appeared in physics long ago at the onset of classical dynamics with examples being Kepler's and other famous problems. Unfortunately, the majority of nonlinear problems turned out to be nonintegrable. In accelerator terms, any 2D nonlinear nonintegrable mapping produces chaotic motion and a complex network of stable and unstable resonances. Nevertheless, in the proximity of an integrable system the full volume of such a chaotic network is small. Thus, the integrable nonlinear motion in accelerators has the potential to introduce a large betatron tune spread to suppress instabilities and to mitigate the effects of space charge and magnetic field errors. To create such an accelerator lattice one has to find magnetic and electrtic field combinations leading to a stable integrable motion. This paper presents families of lattices with one invariant where bounded motion can be easily created in large volumes of the phase space. In addition, it presents 3 families of integrable nonlinear accelerator lattices, realizable with longitudinal-coordinate-dependent magnetic or electric fields with the stable nonlinear motion, which can be solved in terms of separable variables.

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