Noncommutative Mixmaster Cosmologies

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Noncommutative Mixmaster Cosmologies

  • Christopher Estrada
  • Matilde Marcolli
Advances in Complex Systems
World Scientific


In this paper we investigate a variant of the classical mixmaster universe model of anisotropic cosmology, where the spatial sections are noncommutative 3-tori. We consider ways in which the discrete dynamical system describing the mixmaster dynamics can be extended to act on the noncommutative torus moduli, and how the resulting dynamics differs from the classical one, for example, in the appearance of exotic smooth structures. We discuss properties of the spectral action, focussing on how the slow-roll inflation potential determined by the spectral action affects the mixmaster dynamics. We relate the model to other recent results on spectral action computation and we identify other physical contexts in which this model may be relevant.

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