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Estimation of Aortic Valve Calcium Score Based on Angiographic Phase Versus Reduction of Ionizing Radiation Dose in Computed Tomography.

  • Gać, Paweł1, 2
  • Kędzierski, Bartłomiej3
  • Macek, Piotr4
  • Pawlas, Krystyna1
  • Poręba, Rafał4
  • 1 Department of Hygiene, Wroclaw Medical University, Mikulicza-Radeckiego 7, PL 50-368 Wroclaw, Poland. , (Poland)
  • 2 Centre for Diagnostic Imaging, 4th Military Hospital, Weigla 5, PL 50-981 Wroclaw, Poland. , (Poland)
  • 3 Center for Diagnostic Imaging, University Clinical Hospital in Wrocław, Borowska 213, PL 50-556 Wroclaw, Poland. , (Poland)
  • 4 Department of Internal Medicine, Occupational Diseases, Hypertension and Clinical Oncology, Wroclaw Medical University, Borowska 213, PL 50-556 Wroclaw, Poland. , (Poland)
Published Article
Life (Basel, Switzerland)
Publication Date
Jun 23, 2021
DOI: 10.3390/life11070604
PMID: 34201824


The aim of the study was to evaluate the estimation efficacy of aortic valve calcium score (AVCS) based on the multislice computed tomography (MSCT) angiographic phase. The evaluation of the reduced amount of ionizing radiation dose was performed because of this estimation. The study included 51 consecutive patients who qualified for transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) (78.59 ± 5.72 years). All subjects underwent MSCT: in the native phase dedicated to AVCS as well as angiographic phases aimed to morphologically assess the aortic ostium and arterial accesses for TAVI. Based on the native phase, an AVCS assessment was performed for axial reconstructions at 3.0 mm and 2.0 mm slice thickness (AVCSnative3.0 and AVCSnative2.0). Based on the angiographic phase AVCS was estimated for axial reconstruction at 0.6 mm slice thickness with increased values of lesion density in aortic valve cusps/aortic valve annulus, which is considered a calcification, from a typical value of 130 HU to 500 HU and 600 HU (AVCSCTA0.6 500 HU and AVCSCTA0.6 600 HU). Mathematical formulations were developed, allowing for AVCS native calculation based on AVCS values estimated based on the angiographic phase: AVCSnative3.0 = 813.920 + 1.510 AVCSCTA0.6 500 HU; AVCSnative3.0 = 1235.863 + 1.817 AVCSCTA0.6 600 HU; AVCSnative2.0 = 797.471 + 1.393 AVCSCTA0.6 500 HU; AVCSnative2.0 = 1228.310 + 1.650 AVCSCTA0.6 600 HU. The amount of a potential reduction in dose length product (DLP) in the case of AVCS estimation was 4.45 ± 1.54%. In summary, relying solely on the angiographic phase of MSCT examination before TAVI, it is possible to conclusively estimate AVCS. This estimation results in a marked reduction in radiation dose in MSCT.

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