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Non-detection of transits of the super-Earth HD 97658b with MOST photometry

  • Diana, Dragomir
  • Jason Rowe
  • Rainer, Kuschnig
  • Andrew W, Howard
  • Gregory W, Henry
  • Victoria, Antoci
  • Dimitar, Sasselov
  • Werner W, Weiss
  • Geoffrey W, Marcy
  • Anthony F J, Moffat
  • Slavek M, Rucinski
  • David B, Guenther
  • Jaymie M, Matthews
Publication Date
Apr 16, 2012
arXiv: 1204.3135
SETI Institute


The radial velocity-discovered exoplanet HD 97658b was recently announced to transit, with a derived planetary radius of 2.93$\ pm $0.28 R $ _ \ oplus $. As a transiting super-Earth orbiting a bright star, this planet would make an attractive candidate for additional observations, including studies of its atmospheric properties. We present and analyze follow-up photometric observations of the HD 97658 system acquired with the MOST space telescope. Our results show no transit with the depth and ephemeris ...

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