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NEX-LMS: A novel adaptive control scheme for harmonic sound quality control

  • de Oliveira, Leopoldo;
  • Stallaert, Bert; 47015;
  • Janssens, Karl;
  • Van Der Auweraer, Herman; 7433;
  • Sas, Paul; 8464;
  • Desmet, Wim; 11973;
Publication Date
Aug 01, 2010
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This paper presents a novel adaptive control scheme, with improved convergence rate, for the equalization of harmonic disturbances such as engine noise. First, modifications for improving convergence speed of the standard filtered-X LMS control are described. Equalization capabilities are then implemented, allowing the independent tuning of harmonics. Eventually, by providing the desired order vs. engine speed profiles, the pursued sound quality attributes can be achieved. The proposed control scheme is first demonstrated with a simple secondary path model and, then, experimentally validated with the aid of a vehicle mockup which is excited with engine noise. The engine excitation is provided by a real-time sound quality equivalent engine simulator. Stationary and transient engine excitations are used to assess the control performance. The results reveal that the proposed controller is capable of large order-level reductions (up to 30 dB) for stationary excitation, which allows a comfortable margin for equalization. The same holds for slow run-ups (> 15s) thanks to the improved convergence rate. This margin, however, gets narrower with shorter run-ups (<= 10s). / status: published

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