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New physics at nuSTORM

  • Chakraborty, K
  • Goswami, S
  • Long, K
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Mar 22, 2021
Spiral - Imperial College Digital Repository
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In this work we investigate the usefulness of nuSTORM as a probe of two new-physics scenarios that are sterile neutrinos and nonunitarity of the neutrino mixing matrix. For the sterile neutrino we show the importance of the neutral current events when combined with the charged current events to constrain the effective mixing angle, θ μ μ , and the sterile mixing angles θ 14 and θ 24 . We also study the role nuSTORM will play in the study of neutrino oscillation physics if the three generation neutrino mixing matrix is nonunitary. In this context we elucidate the role of nuSTORM, considering both charged current and neutral current events, in constraining the various nonunitarity parameters such as α 11 , | α 21 | , and α 22 .

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