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A New Orbit Feedforward Table Generation Method for Insertion Devices

  • Hidaka, Yoshiteru
  • Kosciuk, Bernard
  • Podobedov, Boris
  • Rank, Jim
  • Tanabe, Toshiya
Publication Date
Jun 24, 2019
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A new method of orbit feedforward (FF) table generation for insertion devices (IDs) is proposed. The main purpose of the orbit FF table is to suppress orbit disturbance around a storage ring, caused by the gap/phase motion of an ID. A conventional procedure is to measure a closed orbit at a reference ID gap/phase state, and another one at a different state, with all types of orbit feedback (FB) systems disabled. Based on the difference orbit, the correction currents for the local ID correctors are estimated to cancel the global orbit distortion. The new method instead utilizes the orbit deviation at the beam position monitors within an ID straight section (ID BPMs) with respect to a dynamically changing orbit that is defined by the orbit at two BPMs bounding the ID straight. Correction currents are determined such that this orbit deviation at the ID BPMs is minimized. Being impervious to transverse kicks external to this bounded region, this measurement can be performed with a global orbit FB system turned on, which could allow parallel table generation for multiple IDs.

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