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New methods for determination of the mass-independent and mass-dependent platinum isotope compositions of iron meteorites by MC-ICP-MS

  • Poole, GM
  • Stumpf, R
  • Rehkämper, M
Publication Date
Mar 10, 2022
UPCommons. Portal del coneixement obert de la UPC


Improved methods are presented for the separation of platinum from iron meteorites and subsequent analyses of both mass-independent and mass-dependent Pt isotope compositions of iron meteorites by multiple collector ICP-MS. The procedures are optimised for sample throughput and feature improvements in yield and the reduction of constituents that produce spectral interferences and matrix effects. The performance of the methods is demonstrated by replicate analyses of terrestrial reference materials and eight iron meteorites from the IC and IVB groups. The pilot iron meteorite analyses confirm previous work, which demonstrates that the Pt isotope compositions of iron meteorites are particularly sensitive to alteration by neutron capture reactions induced by exposure to galactic cosmic rays (GCR). It is shown that the mass-independent Pt isotope data obtained with the new methods are suitable for accurate correction of correlated cosmogenic isotope effects for other isotope systems in the same sample aliquots. The methods for the measurement of mass-dependent Pt isotope compositions (δ198Pt) employ a robust double spike approach. The accurate determination of δ198Pt values for iron meteorites requires, however, that possible cosmogenic isotope effects from GCR exposure are monitored and appropriately corrected on a sample aliquot specific basis. A robust approach for such corrections using the mass-independent Pt isotope data collected with the new methods is shown to provide accurate results for iron meteorites with variable compositions and GCR exposure histories. Initial results obtained for eight IC and IVB iron meteorites reveal both within- and between-group variations in δ198Pt values, which indicate that such analyses may provide novel constraints for studies of planetary processes.

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