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A new method to reduce truncation errors in partial spherical near-field measurements

  • Cano-Facila, F J
  • Pivnenko, Sergey
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Jan 01, 2011
Online Research Database In Technology
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A new and effective method for reduction of truncation errors in partial spherical near-field (SNF) measurements is proposed. The method is useful when measuring electrically large antennas, where the measurement time with the classical SNF technique is prohibitively long and an acquisition over the whole spherical surface is not practical. Therefore, to reduce the data acquisition time, partial sphere measurement is usually made, taking samples over a portion of the spherical surface in the direction of the main beam. But in this case, the radiation pattern is not known outside the measured angular sector as well as a truncation error is present in the calculated far-field pattern within this sector. The method is based on the Gerchberg-Papoulis algorithm used to extrapolate functions and it is able to extend the valid region of the calculated far-field pattern up to the whole forward hemisphere. To verify the effectiveness of the method, several examples are presented using both simulated and measured truncated near-field data.

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