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New Bouguer anomaly map for the territory of the Slovenia

  • Medved, Klemen
  • Odalović, Oleg R.
  • Koler, Božo
Publication Date
Nov 26, 2021
University of Ljubljana
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The existing Bouguer anomaly map, which covers the territory of the Republic of Slovenia is a few decades old. Since then, quite a few new gravimetric measurements (data) for the territory of Slovenia as well as high quality digital terrain models that are needed for creating such a map have been made available. The methodology and standards for creating gravity anomaly maps are also changing. Thus, the national Bouguer anomaly map was updated. There were some gross errors detected in the set of old gravimetric data. Additionally, the influence of new updated gravimetric data was analyzed. The comparison of the various maps and the analysis of the influence of input gravimetric data indicates that the new gravimetric data of Slovenia has a significant influence on the creation of the gravimetric anomaly maps for Slovenia (even over 30 mGals at some points).

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