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Network and Phase Symmetries Reveal That Amplitude Dynamics Stabilize Decoupled Oscillator Clusters

  • Emenheiser, J
  • Salova, A
  • Snyder, J
  • Crutchfield, JP
  • D'Souza, RM
Publication Date
Oct 28, 2020
eScholarship - University of California
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Oscillator networks display intricate synchronization patterns. Determining their stability typically requires incorporating the symmetries of the network coupling. Going beyond analyses that appeal only to a network's automorphism group, we explore synchronization patterns that emerge from the phase-shift invariance of the dynamical equations and symmetries in the nodes. We show that these nonstructural symmetries simplify stability calculations. We analyze a ring-network of phase-amplitude oscillators that exhibits a "decoupled" state in which physically-coupled nodes appear to act independently due to emergent cancellations in the equations of dynamical evolution. We establish that this state can be linearly stable for a ring of phase-amplitude oscillators, but not for a ring of phase-only oscillators that otherwise require explicit long-range, nonpairwise, or nonphase coupling. In short, amplitude-phase interactions are key to stable synchronization at a distance.

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