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Near-Horizon Conformal Symmetry and Black Hole Entropy in Any Dimension

  • Kang, Gungwon
  • Koga, Jun-ichirou
  • Park, Mu-In
Published Article
Publication Date
Feb 16, 2004
Submission Date
Feb 16, 2004
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.70.024005
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Recently, Carlip proposed a derivation of the entropy of the two-dimensional dilatonic black hole by investigating the Virasoro algebra associated with a newly introduced near-horizon conformal symmetry. We point out not only that the algebra of these conformal transformations is not well defined on the horizon, but also that the correct use of the eigenvalue of the operator $L_0$ yields vanishing entropy. It has been shown that these problems can be resolved by choosing a different basis of the conformal transformations which is regular even at the horizon. We also show the generalization of Carlip's derivation to any higher dimensional case in pure Einstein gravity. The entropy obtained is proportional to the area of the event horizon, but it also depends linearly on the product of the surface gravity and the parameter length of a horizon segment in consideration. We finally point out that this derivation of black hole entropy is quite different from the ones proposed so far, and several features of this method and some open issues are also discussed.

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