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Narrating one's lives

  • O'Doherty, Malachi
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2014
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This thesis explores the validity of life-writing in the context of current theories and reflections by memoirists and other 'writers on the fluidity of the self. If much philosophy and writing on personal experience suggests that there is no core of the personality which may be regarded as a coherent and consistent self, then what value has writing which presents itself as the record of the life of a person? Further, what value has the exercise of memoir got for a writer, if no self really is locatable in the personality and no continuity of perspective can be defended? This essay reflects on the author's own works, their direction and value and concludes that the writing of a narrative of a life creates and enriches a sense of self, and while acknowledging that each presentation of the self may be a greater rationalisation of a lived life and a failed account of the full truth of that life, still that creative act is worthwhile and enriching . / EThOS - Electronic Theses Online Service / GB / United Kingdom

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