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[Mutations of Q20L and G247D improved the specific-activity and optimum pH of glucose isomerase].

  • Zhu, G P
  • Luo, D
  • Cai, Y F
  • Zhu, X Y
  • Teng, M K
  • Wang, Y Z
Published Article
Sheng wu gong cheng xue bao = Chinese journal of biotechnology
Publication Date
Jul 01, 2000
PMID: 11051821


The mutants of Q20L and G247D of glucose isomerase (GI) were constructed by in vitro site-directed mutagenesis of GI gene with double-primersmethod. The recombinant plasmids pTKD-GIQ20L and pTKD-GIG247D were expressed in E. coli K38 strain. The comparison experiments of mutant enzymes with wild-type GI showed that: (1) the optimum temperature of GIQ20L was decreased by 5 degrees C. Its thermostability was only 78% half-time of the wild type. But its substrate affinity was enhanced. (2) The specific-activity of GIG247D was increased by 33%, and the optimum pH was lowered by 0.6 unit. However, the thermostability of GIG247D was decreased. We supposed, based on the above facts and 0.19 nm resolution crystal structure of SM33GI, that Gln20 locates between alpha 0-helix and alpha 1-helix, the substitution of hydrophobic side chain of Leu for hydrophilic side chain of Gln may enhance the hydrophobic interaction of the molecular surface, leading to the decrease of the stability and thermostability of GIQ20L. Gly247 which is the last amino acid of a beta-sheet from 242 to 247 residues locates in the active core of GI. After replacement, Asp247 which has strong negative electricity may change the electrostatic distribution and influence the charge transfer processes of the active core. So the specific-activity of GIG247D was increased. The introduced charge could alter the pKa of dissociable groups and make the optimum pH lower. In addition, the side chain of Asp247 seems to be very crowded in the surrounding space conformation and is easy to exclude with the other side chains, therefore influences the stability of beta-sheet. Furthermore, Asp247 is in the vicinity of the interface of subunits, so it could interfere with the stability of the interaction between subunits. Thus, the GIG247D decreased the thermostability of SM33GI. The higher enzyme activity and the lower optimum pH will be very useful for industrial production of GI.

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