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Multi-stage aspect-oriented composition of component-based applications

  • Lagaisse, Bert; 40819;
  • Truyen, Eddy; 18104;
  • Joosen, Wouter; 15627;
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Nov 01, 2007
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The creation of distributed applications requires sophisticated compositions, as various components --- supporting application logic or non-functional requirements --- must be assembled and configured in an operational application. Aspect-oriented middleware has contributed to improving the modularization of such complex applications, by supporting a component model that offers aspect-oriented composition alongside the traditional composition of provided and required interfaces. One of the recent advances in AO middleware is the ability to express dynamic compositions that depend on the evaluation of available context information --- some of this information may only be available at deployment time. The search for high level composition mechanisms is an ongoing track in the research community, yet the composition logic of a real world application remains complex and it would greatly pay off if composition logic --- traditionally encoded in monolithic deployment descriptors --- could be reused over ranges of applications and even be gradually refined for specific applications. This paper presents M-Stage, an AO component and composition model that supports the reuse and adaptation of compositions in distributed applications that are built on AO middleware. We illustrate the power of M-Stage by applying the model in a realistic distributed application where we analyze the reuse and adaptation potential of the M-Stage model. / status: published

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