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A multimodal magnetoelastic artificial skin for underwater haptic sensing.

  • Zhou, Yihao
  • Zhao, Xun
  • Chen, Guorui
  • Tat, Trinny
  • Li, Justin
  • Chen, Jun
  • Xu, Jing
Publication Date
Jan 05, 2024
eScholarship - University of California
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Future exploitation of marine resources in a sustainable and eco-friendly way requires autonomous underwater robotics with human-like perception. However, the development of such intelligent robots is now impeded by the lack of adequate underwater haptic sensing technology. Inspired by the populational coding strategy of the human tactile system, we harness the giant magnetoelasticity in soft polymer systems as an innovative platform technology to construct a multimodal underwater robotic skin for marine object recognition with intrinsic waterproofness and a simple configuration. The bioinspired magnetoelastic artificial skin enables multiplexed tactile modality in each single taxel and obtains an impressive classification rate of 95% in identifying seven types of marine creatures and marine litter. By introducing another degree of freedom in underwater haptic sensing, this work represents a milestone toward sustainable marine resource exploitation.

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