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Muhammed Ibn Abd al-Wahhab och de islamska feministerna : Ett möte om kvinnans roll i äktenskapet

  • Fagerberg, Filip
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Jan 01, 2014
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The religious school of thought that is involved in the control of Saudi Arabia is called Wahhabism and is a form of Islam that is usually accused by outsiders of being misogynist. This paper will deal with the founder of this alignment of Islam, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, and his view of women in marriage. Another movement which in turn goes to work to lift the women's rights is Islamic feminists. Two branches of Islam who belief that Islam is the only right path to take for issues surrounding gender and life. In this essay, I will compare their respective interpretations of three points which concern the role of women in marriage; men's right to polygamy, men's higher status than the woman and the men's right to beat his wife. The purpose of this paper is to ask two different interpretations of the same issues, with the same verses in the Quran against each other to see how they resemble or differ from each other to try to contribute for a greater understanding of the interpretative pluralism in Islam. The paper concludes that these two movements are looking at the three points with different eyes and in different ways as they are originated from two different contexts and have different purposes when their interpreting the verses from the Quran.

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