Može li automat ispunjavati apsolutne želje?

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Može li automat ispunjavati apsolutne želje?

  • Dragutin Lučić Luce
University of Dubrovnik


Microsoft Word - 16-luce.LEKT..doc 215 UDK 179 . 316.77 174 . 070 (215-224) Dragutin Lučić Luce* Može li automat ispunjavati apsolutne želje? Summary Neologism – bioethics as science of survival has originated as answer to the qustion contemporary biomedical and generally life experience has brought to American psyhicans and helth care in general. If that information can bi an indicator, then origin of bioetics should be looked for in the surrounding of 19. century resoning. It was the first in long spiritual history of the West to even meanings of verbs to be and to live. Therefore it was evident and understandable that care for human helth, as primordial phenomenon of human existence, was in the very focus of research at that time. Following that path we reached Nietzsche and marx and their doctrines in history of European nihilism. With just some doubts we might say that bioethics is child of nihilism. Of cour, as negation of ist «bad» censequences. In modern media industry, itself greatly ahaken by identity crisis, able to help vioethics to leave nihilism and its consequences behind? Can media, that by itself is of non-authentic existence, as contemporary hermeneutics will put it, help bioethics to create authentic relationship with itself and then with humans and whit nature, with culture and nature? Gianni Vattimo, Italian hermeneutic nd Gadamer's student, finds it is posible – just because of that! Ključne riječi: etika, bioetika, etika novinarstva, mediji, nihilizam * Autor je magistar znanosti, nastavnik Fakulteta političkih znanosti Sveučilišta u Zagrebu TEMA BROJA 216 U literaturi se neologizam bioetika prvi put spominje u bilješki br. 3 članka američkog onkologa Van Ransselaer Pottera Biocybernetics and Survival, objavljenog u reviji ZYGON – Journal of Religion and Science 5/1970. Iste godine taj neologizam postaje dio njegova paradigmatskog priloga Bioet

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