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Monomethyl auristatin antibody and peptide drug conjugates for trimodal cancer chemo-radio-immunotherapy.

  • Hingorani, Dina V
  • Allevato, Michael M
  • Camargo, Maria F
  • Lesperance, Jacqueline
  • Quraishi, Maryam A
  • Aguilera, Joseph
  • Franiak-Pietryga, Ida
  • Scanderbeg, Daniel J
  • Wang, Zhiyong
  • Molinolo, Alfredo A
  • Alvarado, Diego
  • Sharabi, Andrew B
  • Bui, Jack D
  • Cohen, Ezra EW
  • Adams, Stephen R
  • Gutkind, J Silvio
  • Advani, Sunil J
Publication Date
Jul 01, 2022
eScholarship - University of California
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Locally advanced cancers remain therapeutically challenging to eradicate. The most successful treatments continue to combine decades old non-targeted chemotherapies with radiotherapy that unfortunately increase normal tissue damage in the irradiated field and have systemic toxicities precluding further treatment intensification. Therefore, alternative molecularly guided systemic therapies are needed to improve patient outcomes when applied with radiotherapy. In this work, we report a trimodal precision cytotoxic chemo-radio-immunotherapy paradigm using spatially targeted auristatin warheads. Tumor-directed antibodies and peptides conjugated to radiosensitizing monomethyl auristatin E (MMAE) specifically produce CD8 T cell dependent durable tumor control of irradiated tumors and immunologic memory. In combination with ionizing radiation, MMAE sculpts the tumor immune infiltrate to potentiate immune checkpoint inhibition. Here, we report therapeutic synergies of targeted cytotoxic auristatin radiosensitization to stimulate anti-tumor immune responses providing a rationale for clinical translational of auristatin antibody drug conjugates with radio-immunotherapy combinations to improve tumor control.

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