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Molecular Characterization of ASFV and Differential Diagnosis of <i>Erysipelothrix</i> in ASFV-Infected Pigs in Pig Production Regions in Cameroon

  • Ebwanga, Ebanja Joseph; 123504;
  • Ghogomu, Stephen Mbigha;
  • Paeshuyse, Jan; 35494;
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Aug 01, 2022
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African swine fever and swine erysipelas are two devastating diseases with similar manifestations ravaging the domestic pig industry. Only a single phylogenetic study has been carried out in Cameroon, and neither an extensive genotyping aimed at identifying the different serotypes nor has an appropriate differential diagnosis of different species of Erysipelothrix has been effected in ASF-infected animals. Of the 377 blood or tissue samples randomly collected from pig farms and slaughter slabs from January to August 2020, 120 were positive for ASFV (by PCR), giving a prevalence of 31.83%. Intragenomic resolution through sequencing divulged the presence of genotypes I, and Ia, two variants with 19 (ABNAAAACBNABTDBNAFA) and six (ABNAFA) tandem repeat sequences (TRS), serotype IV, and a single GGAATATATA repeat. The sole presence of E. tonsillarum (avirulent species) and not E. rhusiopathiae (virulent species) indicates that the severity observed during the 2020 ASF outbreak in the sampled regions was exclusively due to ASFV genotype I infection. Such characterisations are necessary for designing effective control measures and future potential vaccine candidates. / status: published

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