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Moduli stabilization in higher dimensional brane models

  • Flachi, Antonino
  • Garriga, Jaume
  • Pujolas, Oriol
  • Tanaka, Takahiro
Published Article
Publication Date
Sep 30, 2003
Submission Date
Feb 03, 2003
DOI: 10.1088/1126-6708/2003/08/053
arXiv ID: hep-th/0302017
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We consider a class of warped higher dimensional brane models with topology $M \times \Sigma \times S^1/Z_2$, where $\Sigma$ is a $D_2$ dimensional manifold. Two branes of codimension one are embedded in such a bulk space-time and sit at the orbifold fixed points. We concentrate on the case where an exponential warp factor (depending on the distance along the orbifold) accompanies the Minkowski $M$ and the internal space $\Sigma$ line elements. We evaluate the moduli effective potential induced by bulk scalar fields in these models, and we show that generically this can stabilize the size of the extra dimensions. As an application, we consider a scenario where supersymmetry is broken not far below the cutoff scale, and the hierarchy between the electroweak and the effective Planck scales is generated by a combination of redshift and large volume effects. The latter is efficient due to the shrinking of $\Sigma$ at the negative tension brane, where matter is placed. In this case, we find that the effective potential can stabilize the size of the extra dimensions (and the hierarchy) without fine tuning provided that the internal space $\Sigma$ is flat.

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