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Modelling and parameterizing the hydro- and morphodynamics of curved open channels:

  • Ottevanger, W.
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Oct 25, 2013
TU Delft Repository
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Meandering rivers are interesting features of the landscape due to their aesthetically pleasing forms. There is an abundance of scientific studies on meandering rivers, however, their behaviour is still not fully understood. The complexity of the flow, bed morphodynamics and bank stability, the related uncertainties in water and sediment motion, sediment properties and geotechnical properties of the banks, as well as the large time and length scales suggest that it is impossible to exactly predict the evolution of a meandering river. Typical spatial and temporal scales of meandering rivers are too large to use detailed three-dimensional models and therefore reduced-order models, obtained by depth- and cross-section averaging are used. These models are faster but also less generic. In this study such models are used and extended (by means of theory and detailed numerical models) to predict the hydrodynamic and morphodynamic processes in (strongly) curved meander bends.

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