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Modell för digitalisering av kurs : Reaktorfysik grund KSU

  • Gunnberg-Querat, Theodor
  • Krottler, Gustaf
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Jan 01, 2023
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The nuclear industry is very complex which makes it so that the people working in the industry need ahigh level of understanding of how a nuclear power plant operates. This is why KSU(Kärnkraftsäkerhet och utbildning AB) is starting to look over their different courses and are trying tofind ways to improve them with new technology and a way to minimize the workload that theseeducations take, especially on the human resource side.The purpose of this paper is to create a method for digitization of a course for KSU.The method that was used started with a literature study, where relevant science papers were lookedinto and summarized and used for the formation of the course. Then the course was modularizedwhere the course goals got placed in modules and put in a flowchart to show in what ways you can gothrough the course. Thereafter a script was produced and a document with instructions that describesthe work and how it is to be put together which is called “metadokument”. The script contains all theinformation that a participant is expected to learn, together with the tool Lumi, which are combined ininteractive videos.The result shows a method that can be used to digitize courses that have been classroom lead beforeand the tools that can be used to do it.

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