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Modeling and Experimental Verification of the Performance of Polymer Composite Reinforcing Bars of Different Types in Concrete of Different Density

  • n., alexey
Publication Date
Apr 26, 2022
DOI: 10.3390/polym14091756
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Currently, there is a scientific and practical deficit in new methods of integrated technological and design solutions based on improving the properties of concrete as the primary material that perceives compressive loads, and its joint work with various types of reinforcing rods. A new system using an integrated engineering approach to the design of building structures is proposed, which involves minimizing their cost and weight through numerical simulations and an experimental verification of the operation of reinforcing bars made of various materials in concrete of various densities. The control of the bearing capacity of reinforced building structures on the example of compressed elements is proposed to be carried out using the developed recipe-technological methods at the manufacturing stage. The economic and environmental efficiency of nano modification with the help of production waste and the use of lightweight dispersion-reinforced concrete to obtain such structures was revealed. The most effective concrete formulations showed strength gains ranging from 10% to 34%. Ultimately, this led to an increase in the bearing capacity of the elements up to 30%. The application of such an integrated lean approach will allow saving up to 20% of resources during construction.

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