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A Model-Based Systems Engineering approach to the conceptual design of an adaptable Small Solar System Body Lander

  • de Francisco Carballo, Jorge (author)
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Jul 07, 2022
TU Delft Repository
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Standardization is becoming more commonplace in space missions, aiming to increase reliability and drive down costs. Due to the relative similarities in operating environment between Small Solar System Bodies (SSSBs), a highly-adaptable lander may be able to service a majority of SSSBs with minor adaptations. The model-based systems engineering (MBSE) framework is implemented to enable agile development. The key enabling subsystems required for landing are defined, resulting in an impact dampening and a rebound suppression subsystem. Concepts for these subsystems are evaluated and traded-off. A number of astrodynamics simulations for the trajectory dynamics is made using Tudat for each SSSB, to find maximum deployment height and impact speed. The detailed subsystem design focuses on finding a suitable, highly-adaptable, commercial-off-the-shelf solution; with different variants of the final design allocated to each SSSB. Lastly, the scalability of the key enabling subsystems is analyzed. This results in the complete conceptual design of a highly-adaptable SSSB lander. / Aerospace Engineering

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