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Mobile Broadband: A Market Research

  • Sobbizadeh, Hibel
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Jan 01, 2011
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Abstract Title: Mobile Broadband: A Market Research Level: Thesis for Master of Business Administration in Marketing Management Address: University of Gävle Department of Business Administration 801 76 Gävle Sweden Telephone (+46) 26 64 85 00 Telefax (+46) 26 64 85 89 Web site Author: Hibel Sobbizadeh Supervisor: Maria Fregidou-Malama Date: 2010-01 Aim: This research is performed in order to investigate about Mobile Broadband (MB) market and the evolution of mobile broadband modems in this market. The aim is to find out how the MB market is developing and which MB modems are dominating the market at present and future time. The study describes the history behind the MB market and its present and future state where an increase of “internet connected” devices is almost inevitable. It at the same time discusses how the MB modems are developing from today‟s PC data cards and USB dongles to integrated modules in different devices. Method: The research is based on published and unpublished articles and data found on internet. Different search engines and databases such as Google and Gävle University library-databases are used to find various data. This empirical data is then connected to theory containing Marketing analysis, planning, implementation and control. The analysis 3 part (PEST) gives a picture of the Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors of the MB market, while the planning, implementation and control parts of the work give an overview of the threats and opportunities of the market and the strategies to overcome the problems and embrace the opportunities. Result & Conclusions: The study demonstrates that MB market has potential of becoming a successful market where devices with embedded module will be connected to internet anywhere at anytime. This requires cooperation from all the players in the value chain. The companies that choose and implement the best marketing and value chain cooperation strategies will be leaders of this future market. Suggestion for future research: One of the biggest challenges and limitations during the work of this study due to its newness was to find empirical data about MB market. As the time passes new information and statistics will make it easier for further research. As the technology is developing rapidly it is recommended to use the latest articles and statistics on internet when gathering new research material. Contribution of the thesis: This study contains valuable input to people and organizations who would like to get an overview of the MB and MB modem markets‟ development in the coming years. Key words: Mobile Broadband, PEST analysis, marketing planning, marketing strategy, marketing implementation, marketing control, embedded modules.  

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