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Mn-AlInN: a new diluted magnetic semiconductor

  • majid, a
  • sharif, r
  • zhu, jj
  • ali, a
  • a quaid, i majid
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2009
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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Mn ions have been incorporated into MOCVD grown Al1-x In (x) N/GaN thin films by ion implantation to achieve the room temperature ferromagnetism in the samples. Magnetic characterizations revealed the presence of two ferromagnetic transitions one has Curie points at similar to 260 K and the other above room temperature. In-diffusion of indium caused by the Mn implantation leads to the partition of AlInN epilayer into two diluted magnetic semiconductor sub-layers depending on the Mn concentration. The Curie temperature of 260 K is assigned to the layer having lower concentration, whereas T (c) above room temperature is assumed to be associated to the layer having higher Mn concentration.

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