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Mixing of S-Wave Charmonia with $\mathrm{D}\overline{\mathrm{D}}$ Molecule States

  • Bali, Gunnar
  • Ehmann, Christian
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Publication Date
Nov 06, 2009
Submission Date
Nov 06, 2009
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Charmonium states can decay into pairs of $D$ and $\overline{D}$ mesons if their masses are above the allowed decay thresholds. In general $c\bar{c}$ states near threshold will also undergo mixing with $D\overline{D}$ molecular (or tetraquark) states, by creation and annihilation of light quark-antiquark pairs. The investigation of such effects sheds light on the higher Fock state contributions to charmonium wavefunctions and on mass shifts, relative to a scenario where such mixing effects are neglected. A variational approach is applied to a mixing matrix between operators of both sectors, of $c\bar{c}$ and of $D\overline{D}$ molecular type. The efficient calculation of several diagrams appearing in this matrix requires all-to-all propagators, which are realized by sophisticated stochastic estimator techniques. The runs are performed on $n_F=2$ $24^3\times 48$ lattice volumes with $m_{\pi} \approx 280$ MeV, using the non-perturbatively improved clover Wilson action, both for valence and for sea quarks.

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